Sunday, October 22, 2006

choi denied @ cut&paste

last night i went to cut&paste NYC 2006 digital design competition @ brooklyn sugar. as my friend alex said as we hustled back to her car (legally parked, thank you very much), "that just goes to show you can make a competition out of anything!"

and compete they did. picture this: warehouse space full of a few hundred people, staring intently at a wall full of LCD projections of art being created by eight amazing graphic designers, who were asked to imagine and produce under time constraints a george w. bush campaign poster and slogan as well as a poster on the theme what goes around, comes around.

for those of you picturing computer geeks with roy orbison glasses, you're only half right. the music was pumping, the designers were bopping around as their hands moved with the precision and speed of edward scissorhands.

the only woman in the competition was kathy "phat" choi (also part of, a childsized bundle of creativity who somehow did *not* come out on top in this edition of the contest. too bad--her vision matched her technical skills in its prowess, both moving the needle on my inspiration-o-meter into the red.

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